How to Write the Perfect Best Man Speech

So, you’ve been given the opportunity to deliver a speech at your best friend’s wedding. Congratulations! However, we understand how nerve-wracking and nervous you might be. These moments don’t come too often and that is what makes this super special. With a little bit of brain power and some advice from us, you’ll write a killer speech. Here are a few tips to get started.

Introduce yourself.

Introductions are always necessary. There may be guests that you do not know or people that do not know you. So, give them a proper welcome and a warms mile.                      


Take a moment to thank the newlyweds on giving you the opportunity to deliver your speech. For example, “Thank you to my forever pal and his wonderful bride on allowing me to deliver this speech tonight.” Or “I love you both dearly and I am glad you chose me for this special moment.” Also, thank who ever delivered their speech before you and give them another round of applause, and say something like, “Such a wonderful speech by (speakers name), what beautiful words you’ve shared with us.”

Engage with the audience.

Try to get the audience as hyped up as you are. Ask them a question or two. Say something along the lines of,“Everyone is looking good tonight!”, "Each and every one of you are looking spectacular.” Or “Thank you to everyone that came out this evening and in making this an unforgettable experience.” Acknowledge your audience and it will make the moment just as special as your speech.

Make eye contact.

Remember in primary school when teachers would scold you for not making eye contact while presenting. Well, they had a point. It is awkward to hear a speaker that does not look up from their paper or is buried in their chest. When you make eye contact with your audience it shows confidence and makes the audience more attentive to hear what you will say.

Tell a joke.

Everyone loves a good joke. These are the moments where you share a little glimpse of who the groom really is. Are they funny and caring? Are they nutty or clumsy? How has your friend impacted you? Try to keep it appropriate and not talk about topics like, their ex-girlfriend, drama, or something disgusting. Jokes do not need to be inappropriate to be funny. If you’re going to tell a story, ask yourself, what is the point of my story? Is to share a beautiful moment together or to describe that time you two got completely hammered and forgot where you lived.

Speak from the heart.

Everyone loves a heartfelt story. Think about the moments you’ve had with the couple. Did they make you believe in love again? Did you have a profound experience with the groom? Something as simple as a moment you’ve had when you were children or teens would be a great anecdote. Take the time to create a story that even makes you tear up a little. Most importantly, speak on something that is honest, open, and vulnerable.There’s nothing wrong with getting a little sentimental.

Talk about childhood experiences.

If you have a close relationship to the groom, one topic to discuss would be childhood memories you’ve had together. Not many people in the audience have had the opportunity to know the groom from childhood, but you do. What were you two like as kids? What kind of trouble did you two get into? What lesson did you learn?

Don’t speak for too long.

No one signed up to watch you speak for30–40-minutes. So why should they pay attention to your extremely long speech. Try to keep it up to 7-10 minutes or shorter. This is a moment for the groom and bride, you shouldn’t take the spotlight away from them. If you don’t know how long your speech is going to take. Record yourself or present the speech to a friend for some help. It can also help ease your stress if you share what you’ve written. Or ask a friend for some advice on how to make your speech sound more put together and eloquent.

End of the Speech Toast.

Last but not least, remember to give your thank you’s and acknowledgments. This is where you thank the bride and groom on allowing you to give a speech. And to end it off, raise your glass and give a piece of advice to the newlyweds. Whether it is on their relationship or simply a life lesson, it would be appreciated and a great way to wrap up your final thoughts. Now, you may clink your glass to a successful speech.


Written by: Carolyn Merino, Copy Writer at Astoria World Manor

Photo by: Alex Smith, In-House Photographer at Astoria World Manor