Choosing Your Event Venue

Finding the perfect place to have your event is both exciting and frustrating.  It is also not as easy as you may think. It’s like choosing an outfit, you want a suitable fit. That can be difficult when there’s so many places and styles to choose from. Allow me to help you choose a venue that suits you.

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1.    Plan Ahead

There have been so many instances where I forget to plan, and I easily forget the most important parts of the night. Don’t forget to plan, it will save you from so many late trips to the grocery store or panic calls to your mom. When it comes to choosing a venue make sure you book at least a year to (6) months in advance. This gives you enough time to look through the vast number of venues and to secure your date. If you do not book in advance, they may not have your date available. Once you have your venue all set, you’re ready to start planning for decorations, catering, guest, etc. Good luck!

2.    Envision yourself there 

Choosing a space to have your event is not as easy as looking at it and saying yes. Can you envision yourself there? Can you imagine yourself in a beautiful flowy dress, or in a clean all black suit walking down the hall of the venue, your family looks at you with a twinkle in their eye. The food smells delicious and your guests are all laughing and enjoying the night. If you can’t, then it is not for you.There is no need to settle especially if the venue does not meet your vision.

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3.    Set a budget

Let’s talk about money. No one likes looking at their receipt only to see that they paid for a lot more than they wish they did. Make sure you set a limit on how much you’re willing to spend on your event venue. Depending on your event, this budget may be a lot less or a lot more. Try to look for a venue that has packages. When looking for a venue you may want them to take care of the catering and drinks. Or you can bring in your own catering and drinks, however, take note of the price difference. Would it cheaper or more expensive?

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4.    Guest List 

Whether you’d like a small or large gathering is contingent on you. Some venues require you to pay per person and remember you must think about your budget. Taking account of how many people will be at your event means you have to think of how much food and drinks will be needed, how personal you want it to be, and how big the venue should be. Just because grandma wants to bring her whole bingo group does not mean you have to invite them to your event.